Jubilee Trust Fund


The Jubilee Fund was created in 1982 from the proceeds of the sale of the Jubilee Health Center in Henderson, North Carolina. The income from the principal is to be used for mission projects in the areas of

  1.  African-American clergy recruitment;
  2.  African-American Christian Education;
  3.  African-American congregational leadership and development; and
  4.  African-American youth ministry.

The programmatic use of this fund must benefit African-American congregations of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and its constituent communities within the geographic bounds of the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic. The Jubilee Fund Committee receives, reviews, and processes applications for Jubilee Funds and forwards recommendations for awards through the Grants/Awards Committee of Synod Assembly. The Jubilee Fund is a Synod designated fund.

Please review the three linked documents to apply and contact the Synod staff for assistance, if needed.



The Old Jubilee Health Center in Henderson, NC.
The Jubilee Trust Fund was set up with the proceeds from the sale of the building

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