Interim Minister Search for Bethlehem Presbyterian Church

Bethlehem Presbyterian Church (Mechanicsville, VA)  is looking for an Interim Minister.  Please open the link below for details and contact information.

2017 CHURCH INFORMATION FORM for Interim Pastors (2)

Synod Participates in Press Conference on Federal Budget

Synod Participates in Press Conference about the Federal Budget

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Presbyterian ministers gather at U.S. Capitol
to speak up on federal budget proposal

Presbyterian ministers gather at U.S. Capitol to speak up on federal budget proposal

Group advocates for stronger social program emphasis

by Henry Stone (linked above)


The video is available here:

Posted by Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Washington Office on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Seeking Applicants Assoc. for Congregational Vitality

Presbytery of Baltimore is seeking applicants for an Associate for Congregational Vitality

To take a leading role in implementing and breathing life in the Presbytery’s vision and ministry plan and encourage, challenge and equip existing and new congregations to thrive.  This is not a called position so it is open to clergy and lay alike.


  1. Serve as primary support for the Commission on Thriving Congregations.
  2. Analyze and share the latest resources and models in congregational development and transformation within and beyond our borders
  3. Work with and coach congregations in transition as they work on ministry assessments and strategic plans, encouraging and challenging congregations to seek more robust and transformative vision for their future.
  4. Resource Ministry Groups, both designated and those that are creating and implementing congregational transformation initiatives or New Worshipping Communities
  5. Research and recommend assessment tools for congregations and encourage leadership training for maximizing the effectiveness of such tools for congregational development and redevelopment
  6. Network with groups and attend programs of the greater Church to gain new insights and approaches that will encourage congregations to thrive and enable the Commission to achieve its outcomes.
  7. Other ministry related duties as assigned.


  1. Ordained PCUSA Teaching or Ruling Elder preferred or qualified member of the PCUSA.
  2. Demonstrated skills and expertise in successfully working with congregations in transformation, new church development and immigrant community development.
  3. A sense of enthusiasm and optimism in the possibilities for revitalization, growth and new church development within the Presbytery
  4. Strong organizational development, group process and leadership development skills.
  5. Ability to work collegially.
  6. Strong written, verbal, social media and technological skills.
  7. Commitment to mission of the Presbytery of Baltimore and the PCUSA .

Relationships The Associate for Congregational Vitality is employed by the Presbytery through the Personnel Committee in consultation with the General Presbyter.  The Associate reports directly to the General Presbyter.

Learn more about the Presbytery of Baltimore at

To apply:

Resumes and PIFs can be sent to:

Attn: Associate Search
Jacqueline E. Taylor, General Presbyter
Presbytery of Baltimore
5400 Loch Raven Blvd.
Baltimore, MD  21239

Posted 10/3/2017

Hurricane Harvey Faith Community Response

National Council of Churches –
Member Communions Respond to Harvey Disaster

August 30, 2017

National Council of Churches and its Member Communions Respond to Hurricane Harvey

The National Council of Churches mourns the loss of life and the forced displacement of thousands caused by Hurricane Harvey. We are grateful many of our member communions have responded with relief efforts to aid those who are suffering as a result of the unprecedented amount of rain that has affected Houston, Harris County, and the surrounding area. We are also heartened by the many stories of the commitment of first responders to save lives and of neighbors helping neighbors. It is in times of crises that we see the potential of the human spirit to extend a caring hand across boundaries that may otherwise divide us. We pray that all who remain at risk be kept safe and that the waters recede quickly.

We also recognize that recovery will be a long process and implore the federal government to respond quickly and generously without cuts to human needs assistance programs.

We encourage people of faith everywhere to support the relief agencies of their particular communion generously and to support the people of Houston and the Gulf Coast past the time of crisis to alleviate the long term effects of this disaster.


I call upon you, for you will answer me,
O God,
Incline your ear to me, hear my words.
Wondrously show your steadfast love,
O savior of those who seek refuge

Psalm 17:6-7a, NRSV


Additional Member Communion Resources


Contact NCC at

Lesane Issues Call to Action

A Statement to Presbyterians and Others following the Charlottesville Disturbances:


Our Souls are disturbed! Our Spirits are shaken! Yet, we do not lose faith!

Presbyterians in the Mid-Atlantic Region are being called to speak out against Hatred, Injustice and Racism of all kind, particularly that which was demonstrated in Charlottesville, VA, Saturday, August 12, 2017. This region (Synod of the Mid-Atlantic) is the largest number of Presbyterians (U.S.A.) in the denomination.

Can we use this collective presence for a forceful and visible voice for justice, equality and unity in the midst of Hatred?

White supremacists and neo-Nazis marched around the city chanting racist epitaphs. We saw visible symbols and activities, which at one point in history, were conducted in the shadows of the night. We heard the voices of young white men yelling racist words. We saw those carrying torches, Confederate flags and displaying Nazi symbols. One of God’s children was killed resulting from a car ramming the crowd. Two State Troopers died in a helicopter crash responding to the disturbance.

These activities are an affront to this nation.

Governor Terry McAuliffe responded forcefully to this matter and so did the Mayor of Charlottesville in their denouncement. It is clear that the President of the United States has chosen not to denounce these activities. Further, it is an affront to Presbyterians alike.

I believe that through the eloquent and poignant words of Teaching Elder Robina Marie Winbush, who wrote Day 4 in the 30 Days with the Belhar Confession, we can see our charge for the days ahead. She wrote,

“In so many places throughout the world, humanity finds ways to divide along race, class, caste, ethnicity and other humanly created boundaries. We use these boundaries to create social structures that are committed to maintaining systems of division and hostility.

“In both the United States and South Africa these structures were undergirded by theologies developed by “Christian” theologians who argued that it was God’s intention that humanity be separated, particularly along racial lines and that white supremacy was divinely ordered. The Confession of Belhar denounces such theology as heresy and reminds us that God gave us the gift of unity, even though this unity is often distorted by human brokenness. Therefore, we are called to work for the full realization of this gift. However, unity is not a passive acceptance of unjust systems for the sake of a false peace. It is the hard work of dismantling the systems that divide and subjugate sisters and brothers and building societies marked by justice and love.

“We live between the promise of the reign of God in Jesus the Christ and the fulfillment of that reality on earth is it is in heaven.”


Some Challenges for Presbyterians include, but are not limited to the following:

  • That Teaching/Ruling Elders and members take serious this gift of Unity and work judiciously to denounce racism, white supremacy and the evil acts of all hate groups.
  •  That Presbyteries assist its leadership and congregations to engage in the substantive work of Race and Reconciliation.
  •  That Presbyterians recommit themselves to ecumenical and interfaith work.
  •  That Presbyterians join in advocating for legislative policies that guard against such hatred and provide protection for those the hatred is targeting.
  •  That Presbyterians work for Peace and Unity in the places that you live and have influence.
  •  That Presbyterians Pray without ceasing!

In God’s Grace,

Warren J. Lesane, Jr.
Executive and Stated Clerk for the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic


A PDF- ADOBE version of this statement is found here.

J. Herbert Nelson-African American Profiling in Missouri

Please direct your attention to the link below received from PCUSA Stated Clerk, J. Herbert Nelson.  His office has received from the NAACP in Missouri. His office is also in conversation with St. Louis officials related to the upcoming 2018 GA.

Jubilee Grant-Application Date Extended to August 1, 2017

The synod Jubilee Committee has extended the application deadline for its grant to Tuesday, August 1, 2017.  Applications must be received and postmarked by that date.  Application and Guidelines available under Grants.

2017 Jubilee Fund Guidelines

Jubilee Fund 2017 App-Extention

Presbyterian Women’s 2017 Summer Gathering

PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN Synod of the Mid-Atlantic Present the

2017 Summer Gathering  ~ June 15-18, 2017

Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. ~Hebrews 12:1

Featuring  The Rev. Denise Anderson & The Rev. Lynn Miller

Find more in-depth information on these workshops on the PW website at
and on Facebook at PWSSG.

Register Now using the forms found at

To be held at Massanetta Springs Camp and Conference Center, Harrisonburg,Virginia 22801

Sample of the Workshops

1.     Horizons Bible Study– The Rev. Lynn Miller -2018 Horizons Bible Study,Cloud of Witnesses: The community of Christ in Hebrews. Lynn will share ideas and tips for effectively leading the Bible Study.

2.     We Choose Welcome– Carolyn Thalman,Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Responding to the refugees at our door.Learn how refugees come to the U.S.from the Middle East,Central America , etc.and how they are, or are not,welcomed.Hear how PDA is responding to the refugees at our doors.

3.     What’s in your Treasury? -Rhonda Martin, Financial Manager PW in the PC (USA},Inc. Overview of the new Treasurer’s manual and responsibilities of treasurers in the congregation,Presbytery and Synod. Good for all leaders to address all things PW! Download the manual and bring it with you.

4.    Challenging Racism, Materialism and Militarism– Racial Ethic Dialogue Panel.New strategies & long-term solutions to address these triple threats to realize racial transformation in our communities.

5.    Stand for Freedom: How to Counteract Human Trafficking– Sabrina Dorman-Andrew, New Creation VA. An in-depth look at trafficking along with ways you can make an impact right where you are.

6.     Waking Up White Conversations
The Rev. Denise Anderson,Co- Moderator of the 222    General Assembly (2016) of the PC (U.S.A.)- The Co-Moderators are urging Presbyterians via their “One Church, One Book” project to read and discuss Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving. The conversations about race have been in silos but the hope is that conversations will broaden to include groups of different backgrounds and races.

7.      Stories from the Ages:Intergenerational Dialogue for Everyone
Hillary Mohaupt,Horizons writer.Baby boomers, generation Xers, and millennials- we all work welltogether,except for when we don’t. An intergenerational dialogue willbe an opportunity to listen,share and hopefully laugh together.

8.     The Belhar Confession- Celebrating the Faith We Share- Betty Dax Great confessions invite Christians to come together,affirming and celebrating the beliefs we share.The Belhar Confession was written as a Christian response to apartheid in South Africa. Explore this confession as a vehicle to celebrate worldwide Christian unity.

9.       Children In Crisis: Why We Do What We Do
Jack and Lora Morgan, Presbyterian Children’s Home of the Highlands – Learn the root causes of the breakdown of the family structure,where children go when they are removed from their home and explore the current state of the Foster Care System.You’ ll hear the stories of young people succeeding against overwhelming odds.

10.      Energizing PW
Mary Cook Jorgensen.Go beyond theice breakers and fun and games. Explore ways to open your PW groups to new members while revitalizing the current membership.

11.       We Choose Welcome-
Carolyn Thalman,Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

Honoring Jesus’ call:Welcoming Central American Children Fleeing Violence,
Luis Cardona. This workshop will remind us of our love.

Building Bridges to the LGBT Community
-W. Bryce Hayes,James Madison University.Explore ways to engage members of the LGBT community in the ministry and membership of your church.   Leadership training suggestions will also be shared as we become more inclusive in the body of Christ.

What’sin your Treasury? – Rhonda Martin,Financial manager PW in the PC(USA), Inc.(See workshopA3}

The Belhar Confession – Celebrating the Faith We Share – Betty Dax. (See workshop 83)

Children in Crisis, Why We Do What We Do
-Jack and Lora Morgan, Presbyterian Children’s Home of the Highlands. (See workshop 84}

Breathe I- Alanna Brewton, Breathe, LLC- yoga for everyone. Dress comfortably and bring a mat and a towel.

Make a Joyful Noise I
-Gathering Choir with Lindsay Sensabaugh 3.Getting Out of Auto I- Michael Martin, Me Memories Photograph let your creativity take hold. Bring your cameras and your flash.

Quilting in the Spirit I Fabric Circles Make Hexagons
-Carol Winkler, Moderator for PW Churchwide Coordinating Team.  Make a 20″ flower garden pillow top. Bring 1/3 yard of 4 different fabrics for flowers,4-8″ contrasting squares (flower centers) and 1 yd. solid colored fabric for joining flowers and pillow back. Bring scissors, needle,and thread to blend with your flowers.

Praise His Name With Dancing!
– Terry Dunevant.   Liturgical dance.All levels, shapes and hearts welcomed.Wear yoga pants and a T-shirt,or something that allows freedom of movement.

Witness? Me? YES, US
-Joan Berry. Walking,drawing,or using  a hand labyrinth is about conversations with God that involve “listening”. Come and seek that walk and talk with the Spirit.

Massanetta Work Group- Massanetta Staff
Enjoy a part of God’s creation for a while and help Massanetta at the same time!  Spend some time painting,working in the flowerbeds,or helping somew here else that will make a difference in Massanetta’s summer mission. Bring clothes you can get dirty in, and work gloves will also be useful. Tools,brushes, etc. will be provided for all work needed. Project specifics available about two weeks before the Summer Gathering.

Women of Color’s Annual Consultation Update

Friday, November 11th at 7 p.m., Reverend Doctor Joan Salmon-Campbell, Moderator of the 201st General Assembly PCUSA, will deliver the keynote address for the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic Committee of Women of Color’s Annual Consultation.

The event will be held in the Trent Room (118) in Early Center, 1002 Westwood Ave., Richmond, VA 23227, on the campus of Union Presbyterian Seminary, 3401 Brook Road, Richmond, VA. 23227.  More information:

Consultation Theme: Prayer is the Key

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7:14


November 12th, the second day of the two-day event will be held a the Holiday Inn- I-64 West End- 2000 Staples Mill Road, Richmond.  23230

Speaking the Truth

The Public Policy Witness Purpose Group of the Presbytery of the James
Invites you
Speaking Truth
(Advocacy Training for People of Faith)

Sunday, November 13, 2016
2-5 pm
The Early Center Union Presbyterian Seminary
3401 Brook Rd.
Richmond, VA. 23227

(See invite and information link below)