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Meeting Documents

Assembly Policy & Procedures

Policy or Form Name:Link to Report: 
A. Procedural Guide Procedural Guide (9-18)
B. Standing RulesStanding Rules PDF
C. Conflict of Interest Policy (PDF)Conflict of Interest Policy (9-18)
D. Expense VoucherExpense Voucher 2019
E. Form to make a NominationMake a Nomination (Word Docx)
Synod Committee Descriptions
F. Personnel PolicyPersonnel Policy (9-18)

Past Assembly Minutes & Highlights

Item NameLink:Digests
Minutes 243rd Stated Minutes (Spring 2019)243rd Minutes - Mar 2019243rd Highlights
Minutes 242nd Stated Minutes (Fall 2018)242nd Minutes - Sept 2018
Minutes 241st Stated Assembly (Spring 2018)241st Minutes - March 2018241st Highlights
Minutes 240th Stated Assembly (Fall 2017)240th Minutes - Sept 2017240th Highlights
Minutes 239th Stated Assembly (Spring 2017)239th Minutes - March 2017
Minutes of 238th Stated Assembly (Fall 2016)238th Minutes - Sept 2016 238th Highlights
Minutes of 237th Stated Assembly (Spring 2016)237th Minutes -Mar 2016 -PDF237th Highlights
Minutes of 236th Stated Assembly (2015)236th Minutes Sep 2015 - PDF
Minutes of 235th Stated Assembly (2015)235th Minutes -Mar 2015 - PDF
Minutes of 234th Stated Assembly (2014)234th Minutes -Sep 2014 -PDF