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Scenes from the Assembly Speakers

The video highlights a Ted Talk approach as the synod seeks to address Racial Reconciliation, New Immigrant Ministries and Young Adult Leadership. Nine fresh voices who are experts in their respective fields presented new insight into these areas of ministry and how the synod might become a partner. Presenters were Revs Edwin Estevez, Amantha Barbee, Molly Casteel, Russ Merritt, Antonio M.K. Lawrence, Mawuna Gardesey, Gun Ho Lee, Jimmie Hawkins. The Ted Talk Presentations were moderated by Rev Jim Moseley
Interested persons may review the material below from the Assembly

239th Assembly Materials

Report Name:Link to Report:
Welcome Letter from Synod ExecutiveLetter
Letter to Commissioners From the ModeratorGreetings from the Moderator
Synod Stated Clerk and Executive's ReportStated Clerk's Report (PDF)
239th Synod Assembly - Commissioner RosterRoster of Synod Commissioners
Registration and Lodging Information CLOSED
Proposed DocketDocket Draft
Procedural GuideProceedural Guide PDF
Standing RulesStanding Rules PDF
Expense Voucher for Commissioners (Reimbursement Form)Reimbursement Form PDF
Executive Committee Meeting MinutesExecutive Committee Minutes Sept 2016 to Jan 2017 (PDF)
KBRT Meeting MinutesKBRT Minutes Nov 2016 (PDF)
Nominating Committee MinutesNominating Committee January Minutes
Nominating Committee Report to 239th AssemblyAssembly Designated Committee Rosters

Nominations (PDF)
Speer Committee Meeting MinutesSpeer Minutes Nov 14, '16 PDF
Finance Committee Meeting MinutesFinance Minutes Dec 2016 PDF
Presbytery Initiative Minutes Pres. Initiatives Minutes
Minutes of 238th Stated Assembly meeting (Fall 2016)238th Assembly Minutes
Minutes of 237th Stated Assembly (Spring 2016)237th Minutes -Mar 2016 -PDF
Minutes of 236th Stated Assembly (2015)236th Minutes Sep 2015 - PDF
Minutes of 235th Stated Assembly (2015)235th Minutes -Mar 2015 - PDF
Minutes of 234th Stated Assembly (2014)234th Minutes -Sep 2014 -PDF