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NOTICE:  The Synod of the Mid-Atlantic will not receive Grant Applications for the Fall of 2020. These grants include Small Church, Visionary, Presbytery Initiatives, and Peace Making. This decision is based upon the synod’s aim to assist its 14-presbyteries during the Covid-19 and local presbyteries to assist their churches and pastors. More information will be forthcoming.

These grants, scholarships, and funds have been made possible by the generous giving of Presbyterians. In that same spirit, contributions are needed to continue grant funding. The most immediate way to contribute is through an individual, group, or congregational donation to the Synod for a specified purpose. Individuals can also help through bequests from their estates, by making it a beneficiary of their life insurance, or with gifts of securities, real estate, or annuities.


General Application HERE

Applications are considered at Synod Assembly meetings held in the Spring (application deadline February 1st) and the Fall (application deadline August 1st) every year. 

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